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What's New in version 4.1

Create vaults right in the app or sync them from 1Password for PC, Mac, or iOS

Localizations for 17 languages including Spanish, German, Russian, and more!

Freemium pricing Free to try, easy to upgrade! Details on the Agile Blog

Security made simple

Your personal Vault

  • Logins

    Save every Login

    1Password remembers all your usernames and passwords so you can focus on getting things done.

  • Logintap

    Log in with a tap

    Typing usernames and passwords is a thing of the past. 1Password opens the website, fills in your username and password, and logs you in—all with a single tap.

  • Passupgrade

    Upgrade your passwords

    Staying secure online doesn’t need to be a burden. 1Password creates strong, unique passwords for all your sites.

  • Encrypt

    Encrypt your life

    1Password stores everything from credit cards to social security numbers, secure notes, and even memberships. Never be without your most important information.

Strong Password Generator

Forget your passwords

Your birthday and dog’s name backwards don’t cut it anymore. You need better passwords. 1Password’s Strong Password Generator creates unique, un-guessable passwords for each of your accounts with just a tap.

Folders and sub-folders

Keep a work-life balance


1Password organizes all kinds of sensitive information. Create folders to sort your items for work, play, or anything you need.

Dropbox and Folder Sync

Your life on every device

  • Effortless sync

    1Password is available for Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Dropbox support can effortlessly update your data everywhere you need it.

  • Total control

    With Android Folder Sync, bring your own sync solution or move your data between devices, no cloud necessary.

Built for both phones and tablets

1Password, All Android

We packed the security and power of 1Password into the convenience of a single app that works on many recent devices.