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User Testimonials

1Password has received many prestigious awards from Mac magazines, podcasts, and review sites, but the fantastic testimonials from our users truly floor us and keep us going full speed ahead every day!

  1. Strong passwords; Don't use the same pw or pattern anywhere; Lie on security questions; Practical way to do this: @1Password

    — Evan Williams, TwitterTweet

  2. 1Password is a super useful product. I use it all the time. I'm far more secure with it than without it. Thanks!

    — Jason Fried, founder of 37SignalsTweet

  3. First off Let me say I love 1Password2. I didn't have to think twice buying it, and again when I upgraded to 1Password3. I started off solely using it for passwords in Safari, very easy and safe. Slowly the usage grew and now I use it multiple times every day, from passwords, to notes, to software licenses. I am a neat freak and 1Password provides the organization of all my precious information.

    — Geoffrey FehrEmail

  4. You guys totally, completely rock! Not only do you make a fantastic product, and not only is your customer support excellent, but you are incredibly friendly and helpful to your customers.

    I've always been a very strong supporter of 1Password - it's one of the few applications that I use many, many times/day. I decided to get gift licenses for these two friends because (1) They're good friends, (2) They're both poor enough to be unlikely to buy the product themselves, and (3) To reuse an old saying, "Friends don't let other friends use their Mac without 1Password". :-) It's that good a product - I think it's as critical as some of the core Mac/OS software (like Safari or Apple Mail).

    — Jeff CofflerEmail

  5. 1Password is the first application I recommend whenever I'm asked for must-have software.

    — Steve O'Brien, WCBS-FM Radio, New York CityEmail

  6. I am a busy guy, so for me to take the time to say this is a big deal for me. I have been in the Mac Platform for 28 years. In all of my years i have used or reviewed software for the Mac. Hands down, your company and software is the most Awesome experience I have ever had. Not just because it works so well, but because you guys are passionate about making it work right and you stay on top of your Game. I wanted to take a moment to tell you how appreciated you are to me personally and my IT customers. Thank You.

    — Greg MarchandEmail

  7. How did I survive the computing jungle before agile came along!!!!

    — IanEmail

  8. I went ahead & downloaded the 30-day [1Password] trial, & I'm a complete convert. What fantastic software. Using DropBox, it syncs seamlessly between my Macs. There's no way I'm going to be able to live without this now. I went & bought 1Password Pro for my iPod touch, as well. As far as I'm concerned, as long as I'm using a Mac (forever), I'll be using 1Password.

    — Peter P.Forum Post

  9. I gotta tell you that I love 1P and Agile. You guys rock. As far as I'm concerned you pretty much set the standard for a s/w solutions company. You can quote me on that.

    — John SheetsEmail

  10. I ended up liking 1Password [touch] a lot more than I wanted to; and the form-filling plugins for the desktop web browsers offer significant extra value over the competition. Even though I had already purchased SplashID (ouch!), I also bought, and now use exclusively, 1Password [touch]. If you have a MacOSX desktop you need to sync to, or if you don’t need to sync at all regardless of your desktop platform, then 1Password is really your best choice.

    — Alan MacdougallBlog Post

  11. It has to be said, 1Password is the most awesome software I've ever purchased. I'd be absolutely lost without it.

    — Mike MorganBlog Post

  12. I am a huge fan of Agile Web Solutions's 1Password. It's always one of the first applications I install on a freshly formatted Mac, and I use it countless times a day to manage my logins to various web sites, forums, shopping sites and more. I used to be really, really bad about using the same few passwords for every login, but the strong password generator coupled with support across browsers (and on the iPhone and iPod touch) makes it easy for me to have distinct and secure logins all over the web.

    — Christina WarrenBlog Post

  13. 1Password is an incredibly brilliant application. Until I got my Mac, I had used SplashID, particularly on the Lifedrive. But 1Password far and above exceeds anything that SplashID have put out.

    The computer version of this program is phenomenal. The ability to have a master password and control your input into web sites is incredible. To have this automatically do this with your iPhone as well is priceless. additionally, the sync features are just second to none.

    — RickForum Post

  14. I have been using 1password for a year now and it has been a life saver/time saver and just about everything! I am a wedding photographer with multiple accounts and websites and with passwords all over the world. If it was not for your amazing software, I would have pulled the remaining hair out of my head! In fact, I am so hooked on your software that I have now implemented it into my workshops and I advertise and educate all my students on it!

    Thank you again!

    — Andras SchramEmail

  15. I just downloaded and installed the iTouch application for 1Password. It installed flawlessly. I then gave it a brief "test spin."

    It worked beautifully. Your products and service are outstanding. I couldn't be more pleased. Every time I think it couldn't get any better you prove me wrong. In this instance I don't mind being wrong. Keep up the good work.

    — Paul TomanEmail

  16. Coming from a security background, I think there's something intrinsically wrong with [OpenID].

    I like to use 1Password: a different, complicated, virtually uncrackable password on every site I use.

    — ZarathuForum Post

  17. 1Password -- Perhaps the greatest piece of Mac OSX software. You must try to believe it. Password storage/sync/creation/ID management at its finest.

    — cericsmithForum Post

  18. I LOVE this freaking product! Thank you so much for saving me from my formerly unmanageable online hell! Seriously, my mental QOL is at stake here & I think others is, too, whether they realize it or not.

    I hope that one day, the concept of passwords and logins goes away. But until then your product can save the world, and should be integrated into every OS and internet-enabled device.

    — me likes itEmail

  19. Guys - Love your product. Have been a registered user since MacWorld 2008, and have gotten several Mac friends to move to 1Password as well. Really a big time - and hassle - saver for me! Keep up the good work!

    Also thought that I should mention another benefit of 1Password that I haven't seen pointed out on your site: that it also protects against "shoulder surfing" -- that is, when using your computer in a public place, using 1Password prevents someone from watching over your shoulder as you type your password. This is great, as it eliminates another insecurity of typing in passwords manually. Preventing shoulder-surfing is a big benefit to people who use their Mac laptops in cafes, school, airports, meetings, etc.

    Thanks again!

    — Mike SullivanEmail

  20. It's not often that I Email a software vendor for any reason other
    than a complaint. In fact, I think this is only the second time I have
    ever Emailed any software vendor with praise for their product.
    I just have to say, 1Password is quite simply one of the best all-
    around pieces of software that I've ever used in my life. You rock.

    — BenEmail

  21. Purchasing 1Password is the best investment in software I have ever made...and I've spent a lot of money on software in the 19 years I've been buying. It's such a relief to know that all of my important information is stored securely and I can access it on a moment's notice, even from my iPhone...kudos to you for a really great product. Your frequent, free, simple-to-install updates, and terrific customer support, make you stand out as a world class service
    provider...just what I expect but so rarely get from other software companies.

    — Kathy BridgesEmail

  22. You guys are absolutely the BEST. I am 72 years old and have been using Macs since the late 80's. Of all the programs and misc. utilities and do-dads, none compare to 1Password.

    Your constant improvements and attention to details is overwhelming and I thank you for making my life on the computer a much happier experience.

    The next step will be to add 1Password to my 16GB iPhone (original model).

    Best Regards,
    Dennis Soibelman

    — Dennis SoibelmanEmail

  23. Just want to say how pleased I am with your product. I own two licenses and couldn't be happier. I am amazed at how quickly you upgrade to adjust for browser upgrades, etc! Best money I have spent in a LONG time. The interface is extremely user-oriented, and it does exactly what it claims to do in a perfect manner. As a user of software for 30 years, I just want to complement you on your work--it rises above the norm.

    Mike Reith
    Fresno, CA

    — Mike ReithEmail

  24. STILL - one of the true "must-have" software creations for Macs!
    (feel free to quote me any time you wish)

    Steve O'Brien
    CBS-FM Radio Personality
    250 East 63rd Street
    New York, NY 10065

    — Steve O'BrienEmail

  25. Even with the "short answer" I am impressed! This is real customer support. Thanks for the interest and effort - and you may quote me!

    — Martin GluckEmail

  26. What I like about 1Password is that it can automatically fill out the forms on all those Web pages without requiring me to dig through my list of passwords. In fact, the 1Password application is rarely even open on my machine.

    1Password works in all major (and many minor) Web browsers, letting me bypass the application-specific methods of storing passwords.

    The software can also synchronize passwords to the iPhone (in a clever way: it creates a specially formatted, encrypted bookmark in Safari that contains all the data).

    1Password can do more than that, such as generate secure passwords, save secure notes, sync to a Palm device and store wallet items (digital versions of things in your wallet such as credit cards and forms for the important information — card number, security code, etc.).

    — Seattle TimesArticle Review

  27. 1Password does a great job of simplifying one's life. Autosave features of browsers are pretty limited. 1Password has so many more features that I recommend it hands down. Awesome!

    — Scoops98MacUpdate Comment

  28. 1Passport is the finest product of its kind that I've ever worked with. It is absolutely seamless and works as smoothly as a Mac. This is a no brainer. Get it!

    — BarryPMacUpdate Comment

  29. Easily the best password manager. Beware this version requires you to buy a new licence if you have a Mac Gems (or similar) licence. You do get a 15% discount if you move quickly - I did.

    — JDub800MacUpdate Comment

  30. Excellent app that combines simplicity with real performance. This is one of the best values available for Mac users. Buy it and enjoy it!

    — BudJensMacUpdate Comment

  31. After using the trial version of 1Password for a couple of weeks, I understood why so many people swear by it.

    — Mark Frauenfelder, Co-founder of Boing BoingBlog Post

  32. Thanks so much for the wonderful program and awesome customer support! 1password is truly one the best apps I've had the pleasure to use on ANY platform.

    — RoxanneEmail

  33. Thank you. You have the most impressive support I've ever seen -- and the most persistent and continuous product improvement process! It seems a new revision is available several times a month, always an improvement. Especially impressive if the team is small!

    For all these reasons, 1Password is one of the best software investments I've made.

    Thanks again.


    — Ed BernsteinEmail

  34. LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!! As a recent switcher, I LOVE my BMB, this program is way classier than Roboform, I also especially appreciate the integration with Firefox 3. You seem like a great bunch of guys, who
    love what you do, KUDO's to all, and I am going to take advantage of the "family" license as soon as the new MB are released, and my wife gets her's. Oh yeah, she fell in love with my Mac Book, and wants one for herself.

    BTW the learning curve was non existant for us, very intuative OS.

    David F Becker

    — David F BeckerEmail

  35. Hands down the best password-management tool available. this is one of those "I can't work on a machine without it" tools.

    — mattlyMacUpdate Comment

  36. Great software, great support. Finally a password management application that doesn't get in the way but still does everything you need it to and with elegance and ease. Awesome, and highly recommended.

    — chrisbartleyMacUpdate Comment

  37. [Agile Web Solutions] made a convert of me. I couldn't surf without 1Password now. It's kinda like Growl, in that I don't understand why Apple hasn't broken down the doors to the developers' houses, kidnapped them in the night, and forced them to put this functionality into their first-party products.

    — AnubisIVForum Post

  38. I got just a little done, then a little more, and then I began seeing, HEY, [1Password] makes things a LOT easier. And as I keep spending just a little more time with it, I'm deciding that this is one of THE most useful, practical apps I've seen. This is everyday stuff, sometimes several times a day.

    I have to say to all the Agile crew, THANKS.

    — Chuck BForum Post

  39. Hi Everyone.
    Just passing on some feedback.
    You have a great product, i use it on my mac and iphone, syncs perfectly.
    Keep up the great work.
    I am a Apple Engineer and since finding your product i have showed many many clients, demonstrated to them how secure it is and how easy it is to add information and sync with the iphone.
    Thanks Again

    — Steve JohnsonEmail

  40. I'm only taking this opportunity to tell you and your staff that I believe 1Password is so fabulous an application, that its use would single-handedly wipe out computer corruption and fraud. It is my vote to replace Macaroni and Cheese as the worlds favorite "everything".

    — Arnold WexlerEmail

  41. Just wanted to say that I have been using 1password for a long time now and it is an awesome program. Just brilliantly done. Simple. Not in the way. Powerful. One of the best crafted programs I have ever used. Thanks.

    — Tom SoldauEmail

  42. I am new to Mac. I got a Mac after having an iPhone for a short time. I am an IS Coordinator for a small college with 26 years experience on the PC platform. I wish I had 26 years on the Mac and 1 year on the PC!

    I keep track of all my faculty and students passwords and I have a computer sales and service company since 1991 and have over 1300 customers that can never remember their logins! Of course i can get them all that information at the click of a button! 1password to the rescue!

    Thank you very much for a great product.

    You have a loyal customer.

    Jeff Cross

    — Jeff CrossEmail

  43. Wow - this product continues to amaze me, and your quick support response just adds to that!...You know, your product is the first one that I purchased upon switching from Windows to Mac last year, and I have recommended it to others on many occasions. I will not only continue to recommend it, but I also plan to purchase additional licenses to give away to friends as they make the switch over as well - this product not only fulfills an essential purpose, but it does so in the most elegant ways.

    Keep up the most excellent work!

    Many regards,

    — Christopher ThompsonEmail

  44. Guys

    I just wanted to say that I love 1password and the passion behind it.
    You guys are awesome. Everyone should care as much as you.

    I tell everyone I know - and I know I've had several friends buy the

    — Scott StamblerEmail

  45. I don't know how I lived without it. Now I can set an insane 20 character password with a peace of mind. :)

    — rishabhMacUpdate Comment

  46. I very rarely pay for software, but this one's a no-brainer. An excellent app and in use constantly.

    — aljukMacUpdate Comment

  47. This program is great. Up to this point I have had a terrible time keeping on top of all the different passwords and sites I am on. Very easy to use. A big improvement over Apple's keychain.

    — RubeMacUpdate Comment

  48. 1Password is right up there on my list of "Top 10 must have" Mac software.

    It's an enormous time saver and takes all the work out of mundane required data entry tasks such as credit card info and passwords. Kudos to the developers who are always ahead of the game in providing updates.

    — medorasMacUpdate Comment

  49. I find that 1Password is one of my most important and useful programs; I consider it to be one of my essential applications. The authors are extremely responsive to questions and suggestions.

    David R. Seibert

    — David R. SeibertMacUpdate Comment

  50. I have been using "Password Plus' but it stop working after Leopard. So, I started to look for another softwares which keeps my important info. I finally chose 1Password and am very pleased that I did. This is fantastic software 1000 miles better than Password Plus. It gets all the key chains from Safari and allow me to auto log in to a secure site without typing passwords. It also sync with my iPod touch to carry all the passwords without jailbreak it. This is almost my PA in my beautiful MacBook Pro! Highly recommended!

    — ukmatrixMacUpdate Comment

  51. 1Password is intuitive, highly useful, and integrates with a number of browsers. Highly recommended!

    — glowgirlMacUpdate Comment

  52. This is THE password manager to get. Syncs across all browsers, has a good strong password generator, and is easy to use.

    — safetymanMacUpdate Comment

  53. I downloaded, trialed and eventually purchased the 1Password software. It truly is a miracle program. Now I don't have to remember any of my multiple login and password combinations ever again! There is a software genie!

    — cnealwilsonMacUpdate Comment

  54. Can't say enough about how useful I find 1Password and how excellent, friendly, and responsive the developer is.

    — alexiuscaMacUpdate Comment

  55. This is a software you can buy blindfold! No word can express enough its power and usefulness. Great value for money and excellent support. Just look at how long it took for it to be updated for Sarai 3.1 that was just released yesterday! Fariborz AMIRSHAHI - Verona (Italy).

    — FariborzMacUpdate Comment

  56. Of all the software utilities that I've tried, and thought would be useful, this one is the very best. I use it all the time, trust it, and wouldn't be without it. I had some initial trepidation because I didn't completely understand how it would work, or if it might cause issues. Now that I've used it for a couple of months, I've found it to be easy to use, has never let me down, and recommend it very highly.

    — Stuart SadickMacUpdate Comment

  57. This is a must have application! I use this application everday and it's great.

    — Michael R TennesMacUpdate Comment

  58. Wow! This software is a pleasure to use. The interface is extremely well designed, which makes it really easy to use.

    I was happily surprised when I logged in to a website and got a prompt from iPassword to save the login info instead of my browser. They've put in the time to create browser plugins for all the popuplar ones, very nice to see that kind of cross-browser commitment.

    I've been using PasswordWallet for about 5 years, but I didn't want to pay for an upgrade to an Intel compatible version. I finally got tired of the problems with the old version (3.1.0) and looked around for competitors... iPassword beats it hands down. It even has an import option so it was a snap to convert from PasswordWallet.

    My only quibble is that I can only view details for a single item at a time due to the use of "sheets" to display details. Some of the items from PasswordWallet weren't imported as the correct type, so it's taking some work to copy the info into new items of the correct type.

    I decided to regist

    — morganizeitMacUpdate Comment

  59. Before I switched to Mac I used Windows and Roboform - as soon as I found 1Password on the Mac I was instantly at home.

    Buy it and find peace of mind.

    — ROSENKRIEGERMacUpdate Comment

  60. I swear by 1Password (OSX only, sorry PC folks). It allowed me to quickly create many (150!) passwords, store them, and let me log in to sites with very few issues.

    — Alistair Croll & Sean PowerBlog Post

  61. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again), 1Password is the first app I launch when I (re-)install a Mac, and the first iPhone (and iPod touch) app I go to any time I even think about logging in to a secure website or using credit card data. It’s one of my all-time favorites, and it’s just gone Pro.

    — Rene RitchieBlog Post

  62. 1password now supports Safari 4, you guys rock! http://bit.ly/G8d65

    — Scott BealeBlog Post

  63. Just wanted to thank you for a great product - it is well sorted, reliable, and flexible. I rely on it every day, and the sync method using Dropbox is great. Can't wait for 3.0!

    — JeffEmail

  64. 1Password. A must that makes your life much easier.

    — lmoormanForum Post

  65. Your company absolutely ROCKS! I cannot wait until this is available. Every time I think to myself that your product can't get any better, you find some new way to amaze me. Well done!

    — ChrisEmail

  66. I just wanted to thank you for 1password. I work for Apple, and you kindly supply us with a free NFR. Of course I use 1password like a fiend (God Bless your iPhone coding skills!), but I just wanted to pass on that we do pass your app on to our customers.

    In addition to the countless "Mom and Pops" we peddle your wares on, we did have a pilot in the US Air Force come into the store frustrated that he might have to get rid of his iPhone. He had a bunch of Passwords that he had to use every day, but was forbidden from storing them online. He had found a few sites that offered to securely host his passwords, but obviously the AF wasn't too happy with that idea.

    He came in not expecting anything. But as soon as he told me his problem, I whipped out my iPhone and showed him the 1Password bookmarklet. He couldn't believe that they were stored on the phone (behind a password and all) until I put my phone in Airplane mode and showed him that there was no way the phone could be retrieving the information from on

    — Jeremy KovacevicEmail

  67. For a long time I've used SplashID to manage all of my private data, way beyond just web logins. SplashID has the benefit of being able to sync to cell phones, at least while I was on Windows. However, it's big downside is that it does not integrate with any web browsers or other applications.

    Enter 1passwd.

    It addresses two key functional needs for me:

    1. It works with many browsers (Firefox being my choice, but it doesn't support Opera)
    2. It syncs across machines via .Mac (actually it doesn't, but the Apple keychain it creates, does)

    #2 is more important than #1 for me as I typically use just Firefox but from several Macs.

    It has additional benefits such as remembering forms and identities. The form feature I find very useful when repeatidly looking for airfares on a website over several days. It just automatically fills in those tedious forms that I previously captured.

    Overall this is a rock solid application with very good developer support and active development.

    I would have give

    — TranceMistMacUpdate Comment

  68. Coming from a windows world I was reliant on Roboform. Switching to mac I started using the built in password management with safari. I thought that was all I needed. It was getting late and I was tired. I received an email from what looked like paypal. I clicked on the link and it looked like a real paypal site. The url said www.paypal.com/bla blablabla. But it wasnt the fake url was after the first part of the url. I didnt catch it because I was tired. The link had part of my email address in it so that part was automatically filled in by the phishing site into the user name field. The password was not. I was just about to type in the password but decided to use 1passwd. The restore option was greyed out which meant it didnt recognize the site. This caused me to take a closer look at the url. Then I realized it was a fake paypal site. I might have actually fallen for it if it wasnt for 1passwd. I am soo glad now I bought this. Happy user now. Keep up the good work.

    — techmateMacUpdate Comment

  69. I was the victim of a phishing scam, so started to look for software to help reduce my risks online. Via Google I found myself on the excellent security advice pages of 1Passwd and decided to buy the product.

    There is a slight learning curve, but once through that 1passwd is a joy to use. I used 1passwd to upgrade all my passwords on the banking and shopping sites I use, and bookmarks in the browser menus mean I can can log onto these sites quickly and securely.

    The autosave feature for web forms is very useful, but the autosubmit feature should be used only when you are fully happy with the way everything is set up.

    Browser support is fantastic and syncing the 1passwd keychain across all my macs via .mac works a treat.

    I found the developer answered all my questions pre and post purchase quickly and has promised to integrate my suggestions into the product. Let me also say 1passwd is evolving nicely!

    — Martin KelsenMacUpdate Comment

  70. I am a mac user since ten years.1password is truly one of the best programs i ever worked with.It has all in terms of easy to use,stability. last but not least the support is excellent.What more you can ask..five stars

    — Burhanuddin HerrmannMacUpdate Comment

  71. There's nothing like it. Astonishing piece of software. One of the few 5 star scores all-around I've ever given on MacUpdate.

    — ComputernautMacUpdate Comment

  72. This is fantastic software. It is an incredible time saver.
    Always being updated. When I first got it, I didn't really get it. I thought what about my software passwords? It was my short coming that I didn't fully appreciate how all encompassing it is. It has simplified my life to a degree that I can now not imagine living without. I would go ape...

    — whyme?MacUpdate Comment

  73. I've been using Firefox 2 and the new Firefox 3 Beta with separate profiles and each saving passwords with a master password. I've been wanting to use Safari a bit but it's been a pain not having my passwords stored. And although I love Pastor and am in no way knocking it, it has been sort of a pain to have to open up my password file in Pastor to get my passwords for sites that Firefox won't save the passwords for (Yahoo, Toyota Financial) or when using another browser like Safari. I think what sealed the deal for me was that I got 1Password during a 40%-off Christmas promotion that included an invitation to their hosted service my1Password. I was able to get 1Password on sale, and if I'm away from my computer and need to access something, instead of resorting to easy passwords, I can just log into my1Password and copy+paste it. This is a great product and I recommend it to anyone who wants to secure their accounts online and especially to anyone using multiple browsers.

    — alanthingMacUpdate Comment

  74. Really automates the job of choosing and filling in passwords. I used Pastor previously, and while it is good at what it does- storing your passwords- it didn't automate inputting them like 1Password. That makes 1Password much superior.

    The recent addition of iPhone support makes this program even more useful. Fabulous program.

    — caperMacUpdate Comment

  75. I began using 1Password a couple of months ago as a trial to see how it performed and if I would actually use it. I quickly purchased it after seeing how easy it was to use and how seamless it was to fill in forms. I did not want to make use of insanely strong passwords, though, as I would not be able to use them when I was on a different computer. Recently I joined my1Password, though, and now this is software I cannot live without. Access to my account information from anywhere is quite freeing, and 1Password has done this well. Either by logging in to my account and copying the password or, even better, by using their toolbar button, I have full access to my account passwords, wallets, identities, everything. This software is a must have.

    — ketchemrMacUpdate Comment

  76. This is a must have application, worth every penny. the support is five star too, had a problem syncing with my iphone and got a personal email back that DAY!

    Secure notes, all your passwords, always being updated, and syncs with your iphone... its killer...

    — solosaintMacUpdate Comment

  77. Love it works great!!!

    — JoiMacUpdate Comment

  78. A friend of mine recommended 1Password. It is one of my favorite and most used Mac apps. I think it has increased my security 100 fold just because I can use extremely long passwords for webapps and not worry about copying and pasting from some other app. Also, I am much more willing to setup new accounts on sites to give them a try since I can quickly register from my work or home profiles I have setup.

    1Password is simply amazing.. oh yeah. I use it on my iPhone too.

    One last note, the support and response from the Agile Solutions staff is the best I have ever experienced. Support/service is really what separates companies anymore. They have it right.

    — shropMacUpdate Comment

  79. Elegant, simple, useful, and kicking support from the company. I had some initial questions after trying the demo, and two separate people provided helpful, creative, and prompt answers.

    Using the software is a real pleasure, as has corresponding with the 1Password team!

    — alex138VersionTracker Comment

  80. Thanks for making such a great product. The Secure Notes feature is a godsend. Why? Because we have a very dear, lovely friend who is battling Stage IV cancer.

    She has entrusted me with her most intimate secrets: bank account numbers, contact info, credit card info, etc. She sent this to me in a Word document; the idea is that if she begins losing the battle, and can no longer act on her own behalf, I am to go into action and, for example, get the money out of her checking account and into PayPal before it gets "locked down" or frozen, etc.

    All understandable, but what if this happens when I'm either traveling or not at home? Now that I've got it as a secure note on 1P (I've since deleted the Word doc), I don't have to worry about this, and neither does she. 1Password has given us both peace of mind that we would have never had just a couple of years ago.

    — Ken Gruberman, Huffington PostEmail

  81. How am I liking 1Password, incidentally? Quite a lot. You know that nagging feeling that you really shouldn't be using the same password for every web service out there, and that back-of-your-mind worry that one compromised site could lead to a massive online identity takeover, and that you really should do something about it, but it's really just too much of a pain in the [butt] to bother remembering all these different passwords, and oh forget it I'll just keep using the same insecure password as always?

    Yeah, that'€™s gone. My passwords look like this now: t0zDIHYqamn5jCFgqGVj&Y”q=dPKmvY and every site I use has a unique one. I actually do feel safer.

    — Dave Shea, creator of CSS Zen GardenBlog Post

  82. Why would I want to replace the built-in Keychain? While the build in Keychain is pretty sweet, 1Password just that much sweeter! You only need to remember one password, and this one password will let you access all your stored passwords.

    The killer feature of 1Password is the ability to bring all of your passwords and credentials with you in a safe and secure way on your iPhone4. And with the recent 2.0 upgrade of 1Password touch the syncing part just got a major overhaul, and it is now incredibly easy and hassel free that you’ll want to sync it all the time.

    — David Jack Wange OlrikBlog Post

  83. Just a quick note to say that I have just had your strong password generator tell me that the password I generated is too long for the recipient web page, which only allows X characters. It gave me the option of cancelling or shortening and filling... Brilliant, just brilliant! It's amazing how few web-sites tell you the password character limit and it is - or should I say used to be - incredibly frustrating to keep creating passwords of ever decreasing length until the magical limit was reached. So once again, brilliant - thank you.

    — Anthony LambertEmail

  84. Remembering passwords is a nuisance. With 1Password, the need to remember them pretty much goes away. The program stores my passwords in an encrypted file, and automatically brings them up and fills out login forms when I tell it to [...] Whenever I want to login somewhere, I just click the “1P” button, and it digs out the right username and password combination for the site I’m currently on.

    — Tobias ForsBlog Post

  85. Hi there
    I am a happy user of 1Password. Just wanted to say thanks. You have really solved a problem for me.

    — Christian MallenhoffEmail

  86. I could spend all month writing a detailed how-to guide on 1Password, and I honestly doubt I'd scratch the surface of what it can do.

    — Stu HelmBlog Post

  87. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoy and rely on 1Password. It's such a great piece of software -- meticulously written, constantly updated, seamless in the browser. I use it every single day and I can't imagine how I ever got along without it. I consider it one of the three utilities I can't live without (the others are SuperDuper! and LaunchBar if you're curious). My brother got a MacBook for Christmas and I bought him a 1Password license because I think every Mac user needs it.

    Anyway, I often think how great 1Password is, so I decided it might be nice for you to hear.

    — David RagsdaleEmail

  88. Typically among the very first apps I install when I’m setting up a system, flawless password management and syncing make this not only a "just works" but a "must have". (Plus, their UI and general graphic design work is awesome, and that hooks me every time!)

    — Rene RitchieBlog Post

  89. There is one piece of software, that I have found to be invaluable since I started using it last fall. It’s call 1Password.

    — whispersBlog Post

  90. On a Mac the best password manager around is 1Password. 1Password stores passwords, generates strong passwords, and even backs up passwords to .mac. 1Password will also automatically fill in login information if you set it up right. 1Password makes it super easy to get secure, at least as far as your passwords are concerned. I use nothing else, well worth the $34.95.

    — macinthebackBlog Post

  91. Great software, with every new release there seems to be many added features. The design team are very helpful and friendly, always making sure that the customer is happy, they also really value feedback which is great. I would recommend this software to everyone, the developer's also like to hear idea's on where the customer would like to see the software go, which again is very good. So I urge you to try this software out and send them feedback and ideas.

    — condrovicMacUpdate Comment

  92. This app is so fantastic I don't know how I ever managed without it. This new version is also far superior to 1.4. The friendly support is second to none - the developers really do care. There is nothing negative I can say about it - although I suspect it will, if it's possible, just go from strength to strength and get better and better. Good value. An all-round great package. Do yourself a huge favour and buy this app today.

    — luxMacUpdate Comment

  93. This product is a great drop in replacement for Roboform for the switchers. It has a simple path to migrate your data over from Roboform into Keychain, and further is integrated into dot mac.

    The developers are very responsive to the needs of the user base and seem particularly keen on making this a good product. There are still some quirks and bugs in the products, but as it is a relatively new product, I anticipate they will get fixed gradually. This product helps me complete the transition to the apple world.

    — GundanMacUpdate Comment

  94. I switched to a Mac for home use about 1.5 years back. It has been a fanstatic change with the one exception that I had keep going back to Windows to use roboform. Being a victim of identify theft, I use hopelessly complicated randomly generated passwords that Roboform gave out. But there was no way for me to use those passwords unless I had my windows machine right next to me. Enter 1Passwd.

    It imported my roboform passwords. Integrates with Safari, Camino and Firefox and keychain system in mac os. Now, I am able to do exactly what I was able to do with Roboform in the PC world. Go to a website, enter my master password and then have the software auto fill my password for that particular site. Excellent job guys!!!

    I just wish Roboform put out a Mac version first. However, since they didnt and you guys did - you get my $$ and my support. Thanks!

    — def1antMacUpdate Comment

  95. This is one terrific program. It has a simple interface that stores securely all my passwords, and even generates new passwords when wanted.

    Just as important, when problems arose due, for example, to the upgrade to Firefox 2, the developer identified and fixed them immediately.

    Great program, great support.

    — TiconderogaMacUpdate Comment

  96. Sometimes it is the little things that make life great. 1Passwd falls into this category. After switching to Mac in the fall of 2005 I started the journey to "replace" all of my PC applications with Mac equivalents. Some were easy such as Microsoft Office. However, at the end of a few months it became clear that there simply wasn't a replacement for Roboform for Windows. I searched long and hard and after almost a year, I ran across 1Passwd.

    While 1Passwd is not Roboform, it is certainly a trusty replacement. It is being actively improved and provides the main functionality of Roboform. So what does 1Passwd do you for you?

    Very simply, 1Passwd is a smart web password manager and form filler. What distinguishes this application from "other" OS X password vaults is its integration with the browser. This is the real power of 1Passwd. Once you start using 1Passwd you no longer have to remember your hundreds of web logins. You only need to remember 1 main password. (thus the name) When you browse to a site,

    — NightOneMacUpdate Comment

  97. 1passwd is what I always hoped Keychain Access would be. I had upwards of 450 passwords stored in my keychain before I started using 1passwd, and every time I'd switch to a different browser to look at something, I'd have to re-enter the password, cluttering up my keychain. With 1passwd, I don't have to do that anymore. All my passwords, once imported, are available to any web browser 1passwd supports, which at this point is all the big ones.

    If you use more than one web browser and have any passwords at all, you should buy this. 1passwd understands that macupdate.com and www.macupdate.com are the same, and you can use a password stored for on on the other and it works great.

    The other *huge* win for me with 1passwd is being able to store multiple username/password combinations for the same website, and have instant access to any of them. When managing web hosting accounts and domain names for web design clients, this makes it *so* much easier.

    There's also password generation and form auto-fill whic

    — chellmanMacUpdate Comment

  98. Passwords (and we need lots of them and we need good ones) need managing since if we are going to do our passwords properly, the volume of information will be more than can be kept securely in our heads.
    Enter 1Passwd. It generates, securely stores (in Aple keychain), and then presents one with the password one needs at the needed time.
    Perfect. Life is simplified and secured and computers are doing what they're supposed to do: make our lives easier.
    I've used 1Passwd for over a month, had no problems at all, seen that the developers are very responsive.
    This is one program that, once discovered, cannot be done without.
    Truly good. Actually it should be part of Mac OS as it fulfils the Mac promise that computing should be a good experience.

    — dave_esselMacUpdate Comment

  99. My previous review of 4 stars is now up to 5 -- they just released v2.2 with Printing AND Palm support, both are somewhat primitive, but useable and will surely only get better... this app just keeps getting better.

    — m57MacUpdate Comment

  100. This is one of the best addition for any Mac browser. This app is a huge time saver and it'll make your Internet life so much easier and safer. 1Passwd is rock solid, well tought out and feature packed. And the devs are a real asset to the Mac community.

    — flec65MacUpdate Comment

  101. This is THE BEST form filler and password manager I've ever seen! Some think it's quite expensive, but I think it's worth every penny. Highly recommended.

    — GuntisMacUpdate Comment

  102. This program started off very good, and is approaching greatness. The developers keep putting out release after release, with better functionality each time. I've never had it crash or do anything "wonky" on any of the pages that I visit, and when I am at a machine that doesn't have it installed, I really miss it.

    When it provides web server directory authentication (not just web form authentication), it'll be perfect.

    Keep up the great work!

    — SHatfieldMacUpdate Comment

  103. I admire an excellent work of developers of 1Passwd. Every update of this application is better and better. I'm very happy that I've found it through MacHeist discount. I'm totally satisfied with functionality, user's interface and stability. Thanks to all developers for one of the best applications in the world. :-) Keep the great working, guys.

    — Sajdak70MacUpdate Comment

  104. Love the program!!..All the kinks are out of my system and everything is smooth as silk..initially I had a problem with syncing and my .Mac account but with help from the developers it was fixed easily (turned out to be my screw up not the programs!) Highly recommend!! Worth every penny!

    — imac380MacUpdate Comment

  105. It's a great time saver and information organizer that's brilliantly integrated with all of the main browsers and can evenb be used as a stand alone application.

    I was skeptical about the benefit of this app, but have been extremely impressed with the time saving and organizational qualities of this app. It's especially useful for keeping your personal and business data separate, or in my case, my personal, and my wife's personal and business info all seperate and easily assessible while yet secure. It's well worth what they ask.

    — jreffnerMacUpdate Comment

  106. Just reinforcing the previous posters. This is an excellent, time-saving programme. Highly recommended.

    — DonkeyotayMacUpdate Comment

  107. Excellent! To put it simply, if you use a mac, if you visit lot's of websites then this app will make your life easier.

    — frequencyMacUpdate Comment

  108. Excellent! To put it simply, if you use a mac, if you visit lot's of websites then this app will make your life easier.

    — frequencyMacUpdate Comment

  109. 1Passwd is extremely well supported. Very fast response to requests and questions, and incredible integrity, honesty, and sincerity from the developers. Works great and I'm optimistic about its longevity.

    — acwolfMacUpdate Comment

  110. Password management has never been so easy. The fact that it supports other browsers and not only Safari makes this a true gem. Positively surprised by the tech-support, they rapidly solved my issue within 2 hours on a Saturday.

    — sunstarsMacUpdate Comment

  111. Wow, I can not imagine going back to pre-1passwd. With regular updates and fixes, this program is an absolute must own. Support is responsive and the application does exactly what it is designed to do. I can not recommend it enough.

    — jgalanterMacUpdate Comment

  112. I can't imagine my mac without this great application. It's stable, easy to use and last but not least: it looks great! Also, the multi-browser support is just awesome!
    1Passwd is the best password management on the market and Agile Web Solutions customer support is reliable and lightning fast. They quickly responded to my e-mail and were kind and helpful!
    Highly recommended!

    — Dan FrimlMacUpdate Comment

  113. We live in a world where nearly every website you visit wants you to create a user account and password when you do business with them. This can get out of hand quick and when some time has elapsed between visits, you start trying to figure out what password you used.

    Step in 1Passwd, an absolutely wonderful program. It adds a file to each of your web browsers and keeps track of the online forms you fill in along with passwords you use. This is all done in the background and seamless to you.

    Later when you revisit the website, the information is literally a click away to fill in forms, passwords, credit card info, etc. 1Passwd can also auto generate a password for you if you so desire when filling in a web form...nice.

    Dave, one of the co-creators of the software is extremely helpful and responds to any email you send quickly.

    I highly recommend this program and promise that you will not be disappointed.

    — dclement7MacUpdate Comment

  114. I'm loving 1Password -- after trying it out for a few hours, I didn't blink at the registration fee. It solved the problem for me that for some reason I periodically seemed to lose all my saved passwords in Firefox. It's also great to have all my passwords available across browsers too -- saves repetitive logging in to sites.

    The integration with the browser is surprisingly good too -- it puts a little "1P" button in the browser toolbar, no matter what browser you're using, and they added in 'basic authentication' support into the latest version which means if you get one of those popup dialogues caused by a webserver with .htaccess password protection, 1Passwd can fill the correct username/pass in there too.

    I have it setup so that Firefox no longer remembers passwords, and they all come from 1Passwd instead. That's SIGNIFICANTLY more secure than having Firefox fill them in, because they're stored on your hard disk in plain text... incredibly risky if you lost your laptop, for example (that's my const

    — danwarneMacUpdate Comment

  115. I've just begun to use the 1Passwd program on my PowerBook. I think you will find it a delight to use if you are forever having to refer to some other list to locate your passwords, credit card numbers, etc. This is a more secure way to "file" such info and yet save time filling in forms when it is needed.

    There is even a video to explain the program:

    Could it just be. . .
    a member of the developer's family has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or is dyslexic?

    I am truly looking forward to quickly becoming better acquainted with this program now that I've found the time to install it and view the video; NOW, if it would only automatically go into my banking and credit card links and pay my bills according to my instructions. . . .

    Maybe 1Banker is on the way?

    — joaninmarylandMacUpdate Comment

  116. The best password manager ever! I generate long and complicated passwords and never have to remember them again. Extremely useful for someone who goes online daily.

    — blazedragon555MacUpdate Comment

  117. This application is very handy and makes the life easier. I love it and I am using it every day.

    — Tobias JordanMacUpdate Comment

  118. As your name suggests, you guys are agile. I heard about the Safari 3 and 1Password problem yesterday from the MacCore Podcast and as mentioned in the show by Katie you guys took care of the problem quickly. Thank you for caring and you're the best!

    — Jay FriedmanMacUpdate Comment

  119. excellent app...so useful...
    Beautifully designed and updated fequently

    — Chris MillsMacUpdate Comment

  120. I prefer not to live without it. It works with all my various browsers(too many to count), making it easy to manage, and it is updated regularly to keep up with all the beta releases. I have found the Agile Web Solutions support to be excellent; I have received immediate and helpful responses to my emails. That seems to be a rarity today. I highly recommend 1Passwd.

    — wiredzenMacUpdate Comment

  121. 1Passwd, works great, they also reply back to emails quickly and releases quick updates to keep up with all the browser changes.

    — wayne suttonMacUpdate Comment

  122. What else can I rave about that everyone else hasn't said? I demoed and bought 1Passwd last week and had an issue importing from my laptop. Roustem worked with me non-stop until he resolved the problem - an obscure, dead link that froze Keychain. This app and the customer service/support are top shelf! Very highly recommended.

    — beesharpMacUpdate Comment

  123. I just switched to a Mac from Windows, and this is the best password manager I've used on either platform. Highly recommended!

    — DrdulMacUpdate Comment

  124. This is an excellent piece of software. I was getting very annoyed while moving between browsers and having to login into sites, this solved my issues. Developer always adding new features and fixing any issues.

    Quite frankly the best password manager for OS X.

    — spectral7MacUpdate Comment

  125. I recommend this to all of my Mac using friends. The most useful piece of software I own. Great developers. Always updating.

    — BinarypackratMacUpdate Comment

  126. Great app! It was a real pain in the neck to type in all that info...

    Thanks, guys!

    — Dave LancerMacUpdate Comment

  127. 1Passwd by Agile Web Solutions:
    Every once in awhile, a product emerges that truly enhances your computing experience. 1Passwd certainly falls into this category. It easily generates and organizes all of your passwords, login data, access codes and software registrations in a clean and neat arrangement. Heck, you can even protect your “Black Book” details from prying eyes, senior moments or just common brain-farts. Once you view the video and start using the application, you’ll realize just how vulnerable you were and you’ll never stop using it. In short, it’s peace of mind at a reasonable price.
    Digital Dude

    — Digital DudeMacUpdate Comment

  128. So here's the thing...

    You don't know it yet, but you need this software. Why? Because at the moment, you use the same dumb password for everything, because you can't remember more than a few. And who can? Not me...that's for sure. The problem is, you also know that its extremely unsafe to do that. If someone got that password, your life becomes an open book.


    The fix? 1Passwd. (or soon to be 1Password). Why? Because it saves your passwords for you and autofills them when appropriate. It can't be fooled or phished into putting passwords in the wrong place. It can generate good, unbreakable passwords for your important sites and then save them safely. It saves time, typing, effort, and just makes your life easier.

    Initially, you won't quite get it. You'll download and install it. It won't quite make sense. But then, it'll click. Light will shine. Things will make sense. And once they do...once you truly understand the value of this software, it will change your surfing life. You won't be able t

    — the oysterMacUpdate Comment

  129. He's right. I got a copy of 1Passwd back in 2006 from MacHeist, played with it for about 10 minutes and tossed it. Just recently I downloaded it again and gave it another try.


    I GET it now. At first I thought it was redundant— having keychain keeping track of my passwords was good enough for me. Then I realized, I used the same password on every site I've ever logged in to. That of course, is BAD. Now with 1Passwd, I've got nice, long, secure passwords that I don't have to remember. And with beta 2.5 supporting the iPhone, forget about it!

    Oh, and 1Password can now keep track of multiple credit card accounts, so I can use this one app to keep track of lots of financial info.

    Bought it. Love it. Use it constantly.

    — MudflapperMacUpdate Comment

  130. This is excellent software, very handy and indispensable once you start using it. Not only it it constantly being updated, the developers are very quick with support issues as well as very friendly.

    One of the best shareware apps I ever bought (and I own quite a bit).

    — gcoghillMacUpdate Comment

  131. Customer service is without a doubt , totally professional. Response time is quick and to the point. Must have program !

    — Dysan767MacUpdate Comment

  132. I've been using 1Password over several versions now and have been very happy with this App. I've used and paid for other password applications besides 1Password, but this is now my favorite. Easy and convenient, and version 2.5.2 has some nice improvements over 2.4.x

    — genesfMacUpdate Comment

  133. Finally a replacement for my (Windows) Iliumsoft eWallet. I switched to iPhone and was desperately looking for a "to-go" wallet that would sync with a native Mac application.

    Voila! As far as I know this one is the only one right now doing a quite decent job. Well, its a great idea to hide all the data encrypted in the Bookmark-file of Safari. And it works great.

    Thanks again - highly appreciated the new beta.


    — ApplestarMacUpdate Comment

  134. Not quite perfect, but it's getting there. I don't use all the features, mainly the web accounts and the secure notes. But it's a hell of a lot more logical and user friendly than apple's confusing and mystifying, often buggy keychain access app (which 1Password uses/interfaces with but pretty much you get to avoid the keychain access app with 1Password -- mostly, except when bugs pop up, which they do, which keeps 1Password from being a 5 star app at this point).

    Apple could learn alot from these guys in terms of making the whole keychain/security/secure access thing more logical and easy to understand.

    meanwhile i would give apple's own keychain maybe 2 stars if that many -- for all apple's reputation of being easy to use and user friendly, keychain access app is ONE AWFUL CONFUSING MESS. they have a done a terrible job of explaining how to actually use the thing for top security & protection purposes.

    1Password needs to do some work on the secure notes area for sure; a user used to be able to sear

    — HMacMacUpdate Comment

  135. 1 Password is an essential part of my computer activity It manages my password seamlessly, and gives me a place to file my secure notes. After installing Leopard I had a problem of my own making and the developer responded minutes after my request for help with an on the spot solution. It is confidence building to find superior software that also supplies superior support.

    — Rich10003MacUpdate Comment

  136. I'm amazed at 1Password, really I am. It's a great product and I use it on three different Macs at the moment but I've only had trouble on one of them when [it] wouldn't load a password to a gift list site. I emailed the support people and within 12 hours I got a reply asking for a bit more info. I returned the info and lo and behold, within 12 hours I received another email telling me how to get around the problem. Now that has to be classed as brilliant customer service in anybodies books. Well done Agile that's all I can say. 10 out of 10 for customer service :D

    — samurairobMacUpdate Comment

  137. As soon as I purchased an iMac to go along with my PowerBook, I quickly realized that I needed a way to synchronize all my password data. Before I found 1Password, the best I could come up with was using a text file and a file synchronization program - not very safe, convenient, or efficient.

    Enter 1Password. Now passwords, bookmarks, "wallet items", etc... are all stored securely and I can access that centralized data not only from all browsers on the same machine, but 1Password also uses .Mac sync services to synchronize the data between my notebook and desktop computers.

    The development team continues to produce a piece of software that satisfies a unique requirement and illustrates that a lot of thought from an end-user perspective goes into developing the product. The product is actively being enhanced and public betas are made available routinely. Thankfully, unlike many other public betas, these generally contain significant improvements instead of the "Fixed bug inserted in last beta" issues tha

    — Jason GuinnMacUpdate Comment

  138. I believe this is an excellent developed quality product for the Mac. I say this because of the interface and how intuitive the application is. I have always been hesitant to use password managing applications, but I am glad I listened to my Mac buddies and purchased the product. I just wish the rest of my family were Mac users so they could also enjoy this product. I know they would benefit as much as I do now.

    — Sphinx7MacUpdate Comment

  139. During long time I'm PC user, but last year I was "so crazy" and bought to myself MacBook PRO. It was my 1st MacBook and it is going me crazy. I can't work w/o software for managing my passwords because its amount exceed 200pcs and have been I looking for software similar to Roboform on PC. And finally I found it - 1Password. It's so amazing - functionality is better than their PC analog. I think not necessary to say about its advantages because you might visit their site and take a look by yourself, but trust me it's really the best one. Frankly speaking I bought it w/o any trial period, simply after read their abilities, which were mentioned on their site and happy with it.
    Actually, for everyone customers, some certain software advantages is not so important, like another one and it's very difficult to say that it's really the strong selling points, but trust me in advance - 1Password will provide you the best functionality and you will be satisfied more than enough. I'm really happy that 1Password team

    — SonomaMacUpdate Comment

  140. 1Password - Best new app yet!!!
    This is the easiest application to use and probably the most important to your system. Excellent complement to your existing security and saves you time by saving all your passwords. Just the best and I could go on and on.

    — gina55MacUpdate Comment

  141. I have been using 1Password on my Macbook Pro and really like its functionality - never having to remember my passwords. I have had good customer service from Agile and am really happy with the interaction I had with them. Their new My1Password web product should be a great addition, allowing all password/username combinations to be securely accessed from any computer via a web browser - can't wait!

    — Nikolaus MatheisMacUpdate Comment

  142. Data is information - facts, figures, passwords, serial numbers, and so forth.

    Knowledge is information made actionable.

    Wisdom is knowledge made accessible.

    1Password is a wisdom tool. It easily takes my hundreds of passwords, serial numbers, account information, and all of the other items that make up the cybernetic keychain and wallet, stores them securely on my Mac, syncs them automatically via .Mac to all four of my other Macs, and even syncs them to my iPhone. That alone would be well worth the price to register this program, but in addition, 1Password automatically plugs in account names and passwords to just about any website using any Mac browser. I don't have to memorize (or use easily-crackable) passwords, and don't have to constantly look them up - 1Password does it all.

    Definitely worth a look.

    — NightcapMacUpdate Comment

  143. My first computer was an Apple II+ in 1980 (junior high school). I was into Apple and Macs (and NeXT!) for several years until I found Apple (under Sculley) going off in some really unfortunate directions.

    Flash forward to 2007, where my interest in the iPhone is piqued. As a person who tends to live on a cellphone, I recognized that the iPhone had the potential to be a 'game changer'; it is an overused phrase, but having been down the road with Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Kyocera, HTC and others, Apple came along and redefined the cellphone. I got one in July.

    By August, I was weary of the weak PC<->iPhone functionality. Compounded with the reality that I found Vista to be a engineering travesty, the notion of going back to Mac was being entertained. I need to run (XP at least) at times, so the move to Intel and the ingenious notion for Apple itself to supply Boot Camp made it possible. Then Apple announces the $100 iPhone credit.

    Late September, I am the hesitant owner of a Macbook. I begin usin

    — LociMacUpdate Comment

  144. I have bought this software to replace SplashData.
    Since I installed it I use it several times per day and feel confident that I have everything at hand.
    Very very good software and very easy to use.

    I only miss one thing.
    I would like to have more categories and, preferred, a way to create my own categories.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

    — IT2BeMacUpdate Comment

  145. Just wanted to chime in here. I love love love this app. If you have a Mac, you should buy this program. I have logins to way too many sites, and this makes them easy to manage while using strong unique passwords for each one.

    On top of that, if you have an iPhone you have access to your passwords anywhere you have connectivity.

    It's frequently updated, looks good, and doesn't get in the way. I have no complaints! I'll bet the devs are looking at the iPhone SDK to see what can be done, and I can't wait!

    — abilsteinMacUpdate Comment

  146. For Mac users this is a good find, but for people with an iPhone/iPod touch, the new 1Password sync feature makes it a must have. I could never imagined it was possible to make a mobile password solution in such a clever way!

    — ChristoferMacUpdate Comment

  147. Love this product! EASY to use, even for this relatively new Mac user. Customer service is phenomenal, as you should be able to tell by the fact that the developers take time to respond to people's criticisms/suggestions here.

    I put a request in to their support email for help and received very prompt responses. It's rare in this day and age to find such great customer service, and I'm happy that such a fantastic product has an equally good crew behind it.

    — cennec81MacUpdate Comment

  148. A few months ago I purchased my first Macbook. In that time, I've also purchased quite a bit of useful software which made my switch from the PC to the Mac, quite enjoyable. That being said, my single best purchase so far has been "1Password."

    Between the fair price, the good support
    and the frequent updates (which have added some really great features), this is one phenomenal application! Nothing is perfect, but I think this is the premier password keeper/form-filler application for the Mac.

    — Jimmyc454MacUpdate Comment

  149. The is the absolute best app I have on my computer. It is seamless and troublefree. I'm constantly amazed at how it just grabs my data and saves it to the app. I'm using different passwords for everything now and all are secure.

    They keep it updated and their communication is great. I can't say enough nice things about the group at agilewebsolutions. Really stellar.

    — macinoregonMacUpdate Comment

  150. My wife first discovered 1Password while looking up the program Roboform for her PC. She told me about it and I downloaded it to my laptop, (Mac G4), and started using it right away. I liked it very much and bought the program and tried to install it on my desktop also a G4 but with the new Leopard OS. I couldn't get it to work but after an exchange with the people at 1P it works great and I am thrilled to have a password manager that works with Safari along with Firefox and other browsers. 2 thumbs up to 1Password creators and techs for an outstanding program.

    — WildDogⓇMacUpdate Comment

  151. This is an excellent program allows you to move between browsers easily and have password fill. The new online password storage service is superb too. It also gets rid of those strange password issues with apple keychain in a flash, i support mac users and if i had a pound for every time the keychain has cocked up i would be a rich man.

    support is excellent so overall 5 stars all the way from me !

    — spectral7MacUpdate Comment

  152. This program is absolutely great! I love the program and the longer I use it the more I like it. I can use this on my work and home computer. What better way to keep my passwords in synch than with 1Password new web synch capability.

    The support is excellent and the price is WOW! Finally these two great software engineers have found a way to end my feeble system of keeping up with my secure information and login information.

    — MaldeniteMacUpdate Comment

  153. Like so many other Mac applications 1Password is a great implementation of a great idea. From the UI to the integration with the Mac OS Keychain, and full browser support, 1Password is definately worth a shot

    — Danny GorogArticle Review

  154. If you lined up all of the hard working sure-to-make-it software people on the planet, you "guys" would be at the front.

    — Daniel ReaganEmail

  155. This software is truly a time saver, useful, and essential for protecting your identity. The new design is clear and easy to use.

    If there are any "cons," one might point out some UI quirkness. However, none of that is show-stopping.

    The developers are very responsive to feedback and passionate about making their software top-notch. A definite "+" here.

    I had only one question about its usability that I didn't know what to do (disable Firefox auto password complete). My only reference to the help proved successful in answering my question. 1Passwd's help feature is excellent and well written.

    While I hate to suggest it, the concept behind 1Passwd is so critical that it should probably be built into Mac OS.

    — klagrecaMacUpdate Comment

  156. 1Password is done incredibly well and makes life so much easier. It would be nice to be able to set hotkeys to the different forms that are saved, but I'm not complaining.

    — AcrappaMacUpdate Comment

  157. This is both a "form-filler" pluggin that integrates with your favourite web browser (OmniWeb and DEVONagent now supported in the new 2.0 beta!), and a standalone program that lets you organise and edit your mulitiple private passwords, identities, addresses, bank details etc. with the security offered by Apple's Keychain. It allows to have as many accounts per website as you want (4 gmail accounts is no problem for it). It also synchronises all your sensitive information through different browsers & Macs.
    This is the most flexible, easy-to-use and yet full-featured Password manager I have ever used. What is most important is that it does give you a solid sense of security when shopping or banking online.
    It is constantly being updated, and support from the developers, David and Roustem, is stellar: they'll go out of their way to please you, really!

    — TellemMacUpdate Comment

  158. I have used this app for several weeks. It is very well thought out and one of the most useful apps I have (and I have quite a lot!). A password manager is not the most glamorous app to use, but when you have a good one, like this one, it transforms your use of the internet and the zillions of passwords one has to keep track of.

    The one feature that I find most useful in it:
    The ability to store multiple sets of log-in names and passwords for the same site.

    This is a HUGE feature. For instance, I manage two businesses that have accounts at the same banks and credit card companies. I can now easily log-in under the correct business with just a click, or keypress. I also don't have to remember the log-in names and passwords, 1Passwd does that for me. Because of this one feature I have now set up online banking access to many accounts that I was inadvertantly avoiding due to the whole hassle of managing all those passwords. Also, I changed all my OK passwords, to really good cryptic, secure ones, because

    — m57MacUpdate Comment

  159. An exceptional product, in terms of quality of programming and the basic purpose of the product. Workng in Windows, Linux, and OSX, i can say that this is the best product I have found on any system. My headaches concerning security are gone. I enjoy simply using the internet, knowing that my personal data is safe, carefully enveloped in the Apple Keychain and creatively accessible by one password. I have never felt as good about a software purchase in 25 years of computer usage. 1passwd is a well-crafted response to a very strong need in the computing world. It integrates seamlessly with my online apps and,for the first time in many years, the nightmare of passwords, credit card numbers, and pins is solved. Hat's off to a product that is both a good bit of programming and a service to the community!

    — pip jMacUpdate Comment

  160. This is a great program, it makes everything easy.

    — bcpatton17MacUpdate Comment

  161. 1Passwd works exactly as described by the developers. I've been using the application for a couple of weeks, and I am quite pleased.

    Registration was easy. I used PayPal to make my payment. Upon completion of the process, I was presented with a graphic "card" that I simply dragged to the license box in 1Passwd. That was it.

    Being able to have multiple identities is incredibly valuable. I have two identities (maybe a better name would be "profile" -- to my way of thinking, my "identity" doesn't change, but my e-mail address and credit cards do) for my business with associated e-mail accounts and credit cards, and I have a personal identity with associated e-mail and credit cards. I'm often irritated that when I want to use an identity other than my primary business one, because I have to manually type the information. 1Passwd's multiple identities now handles that easily.

    I'm particularly pleased with the way it handles the login process for my bank. The bank has imposed security measures there have g

    — Joel McIntoshMacUpdate Comment

  162. The new version of this amazing application is absolutely superb. I like it very much. The new much improved GUI is wonderful. It helps me a lot by finding, editing passwords. Thanks to all developers for making great work. If I missed something in previous versions of 1Password, that was a ability to synchronize my passwords between two computers. One in my office, another at home. That's totally changed today, thank very much for this feature. I love this app and I can recommend it to all.

    — Sajdak70VersionTracker Comment

  163. I started out as a Mac user, migrated to Windows because that was what work used and then migrated back with OS X. I had been using Roboform with Windows and after a short search I found 1Password.

    I actually use Safari, FireFox and Omniweb on the Mac and 1Password integrates nicely with all of them and makes it extremely easy to manage my online accounts and passwords.

    Also, after dealing with a number of technical support departments for various software vendors I was pleased to discover that 1Passwords's technical support has been very responsive and eager to solve problems. They do seem to have pretty frequent software updates; don't know if that is a good or a bad thing but they are constantly updating the software.

    — sscottiMacUpdate Comment

  164. Finally, there’s the outstanding 1Password application which not only securely manages my password and sensitive data when I’m using my own computer, it also syncs on demand with their secure website. Worst comes to worst I can retrieve all that information from anywhere.

    — Leopard backup strategyBlog Post

  165. Nicely combines the features similar to Opera's Wand with Keychain, in a tight security environment for the Mac's mainline browsers. The new editor interface and browser install/uninstall feature, through the Editor's Pref. Panel, are real pluses.

    — O5220803MacUpdate Comment

  166. I've been using this utility for several months now, use it daily, and consider it brilliant, absolutely essential for any Mac user, highest rating possible.

    When going to a website I've not been to in a while, which asks for my password I click in the popup 1Passwd has added to my browser (virtually all Mac browsers are supported) and 1Passwd supplies it, securely, without my intervention.

    When I go to a web form asking all kinds of personal info, and/or a password, and/or my credit card number, 1Passwd supplies it. Again, securely, without intervention.

    It's fully integrated with Apple's Keychain Access.

    I am highly recommending it (and HoudahSpot, by a different developer) as the two absolute Mac utilities. Oddly enough, both are fairly new on the market but I expect both will turn out to be very long lasting.

    Very responsive support from the developers, frequent updates bringing requested new features. Excellent value.

    — MorelsMacUpdate Comment

  167. I used Web Confidential for years for passwords but this looks much better as far as integration and WC (oops I didn't notice this b4 LoL) rarely ever gets updated. True 1Pass It is a little steep pricewise.. and I must admit I tend to shy away from stuff that eventually gets implemented by Apple (keychain is indeed limited) but hey I just started using 1Passwd today and an glad it works with my Top Browser Deluxe DevonAgent. I really like being able to have several profiles for hotmail for ex. or for my websites' host and I think in the end the minutes I save recurrently will quickly pay for this.. ok guess what.. I talked myself into purchasing it.. :-) See how talking to oneself can do wonders, no shrink needed :-)

    — maclover1.1MacUpdate Comment

  168. This is possibly the single most useful program on OSX.
    I can even think I would manage without it.
    Support is top notch and updates and improvements are released constantly.
    The best $30 investment that anyone that use the Internet could make.

    5 out 5 stars!!

    — Miko101MacUpdate Comment

  169. Just keeps getting better; great support, responsive developer(s). A++++

    — DRADMacUpdate Comment

  170. 1Password is one of the MOST important elements of my identity-protection effort with my minuscule "network" (an iMac and a MacBook Pro).

    Agile (the maker of 1Password) will be already to go with aupporting Leopard and, almost as important, David Teare and Roustem Karimov are really dedicated to their customer/user base. They appear to read inputs from us ... and oddly enough ... to care enough to answer them, or to have some of their key people do it. As opposed to some canned nonsense about how "important" we are to them.

    I've never met either, but they "walk the talk."

    — Richard VandervoortMacUpdate Comment

  171. Unbelievable!

    Just tried this out today with 10.5, and it's a God send of a program!

    Keep up the great work at Agile Web Solutions!

    This is worth every penny and a keeper!

    — ShotgunWeddingsMacUpdate Comment

  172. Used PC with ROBO form Going to mac I missed the feature 1passwd meets or excedes the features I was used to. I can now throw away my "password" list I had to have near me all the time.

    — JbcareyMacUpdate Comment

  173. Developer responded nicely to my comment and pointed out a couple of good video tutorials. Thanks!

    — aappleMacUpdate Comment

  174. I had problems installing 1Password for use in FireFox. The 1P icon did not appear in the browser, and I spent some frustrating time trying to get it to install. Then I opened Safari, and all was there as it should be.
    I emailed Agile tech support and was promptly given instructions for migrating it to FireFox. Very useful program, time-saving.

    — ayspragueMacUpdate Comment

  175. Correction to earlier grumpy review. 1password is great. One compatibility warning don't run safari on intel in rosetta mode with 1password. Everything else is wonderful.

    — MacdriverMacUpdate Comment

  176. I have come to depend so heavily upon 1Password that when I updated to Safari 3.1 today and 1PW stopped working I emailed the developer. Within minutes I received a response to download the beta for an immediate fix and that they would have the new version up and running today or tomorrow. That worked.

    Apple doesn't always let the developers know what's coming so sometimes they have to work 24/7 to catch up and these folks are surely up to the task!

    — CLS9MacUpdate Comment

  177. I have been involved with 1Password for some time. It has been the answer to all my password problems. As I get older my memory, of password and things, has become even more impressive than in years past. The only problem I have is that as it has improved, it has become shorter! I don't know what I would do without 1password. To help me along, when I have forgotten something, the support is simply the best I have found for any software that I use.

    — Ernie1105MacUpdate Comment

  178. I belong to several website locations that require passwords and usernames... or other information, plus online shopping sites that need CC info and shipping info; 1Password is a lifesaver on a day-to-day basis. I spend a good 12-14 hours a day at my computer.... and this app saves me so much time its just incredible.

    — hookoaMacUpdate Comment

  179. Elegant, simple, useful, and kicking support from the company. I had some initial questions after trying the demo, and two separate people provided helpful, creative, and prompt answers.

    Using the software is a real pleasure, as has corresponding with the 1Password team!

    Highly recommended.

    — alexmania3000MacUpdate Comment

  180. Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoy 1Password. I was critical of the product when I first tried it, but after using it extensively for the past year or so, I have found it extremely valuable. It's a great piece of software.

    — StephenEmail

  181. A lovely piece of software that keeps getting better because its developers REALLY try.
    The great thing is that Agile pinpointed a genuine lack and created a s/w service to fill it.
    All other password management is just secure storage, this is INTERACTIVE secure storage. Time-saving, easy, and as I say, getting only getting better as time goes on.

    — dave_esselMacUpdate Comment

  182. I can't even remember how I was doing before using this...

    — Doc RenaudMacUpdate Comment

  183. no doubt it is UNIQUE, EASY and USEFUL mac app.

    In addition I always receive prompt & efficient answers from Agile team.

    It is a MUST application for all mac users

    — fenikiaMacUpdate Comment

  184. Great update to the best password manager for the Mac. This version now allows you to sync 1Password file from the Mac to your Palm handheld directly within the application. Much easier than the previous export option. The reader app for the Palm has been revised ... records are listed alphabetically ... much easier to use. The Palm reader app needs further enhancements but is a great step forward. Keep up the great work Agile!

    — Crash76MacUpdate Comment

  185. This is a fantastic application, and one that quickly becomes indispensable. It does many things that Apple's own Keychain Access app should do, but doesn't.

    I have one request though: Any chance of being able to import from Pastor?

    I have scores of app serial numbers etc in there, and it'll take me hours to move them all manually. :(

    I'll happily give this a 5 star rating if this is added!

    — OzzpotMacUpdate Comment

  186. 1Password is one of the most useful programs I've found. It was a no-brainer that this application was worth its modest price, and it's one of a handful of applications that I had no reservations about buying for friends and family.

    One of the things I like most about 1Password is that it lets me change or set a password on any browser on any of the multiple computers I use, and thanks to .Mac sync, that information gets to every browser on every system I use. 1Password also solves some less obvious problems. For instance, one of my longstanding complaints about OmniWeb was its terribly poor handling of multiple logins for a web site. 1Password completely eliminates that problem.

    1Password still has some room to improve. It would be nice if the user could edit forms so data for superfluous fields, like a search box, could be deleted. Changing passwords typically require a bit of copying and pasting. Streamlining that process would be great.

    Overall, though, 1Password is a great application.

    — placebo3MacUpdate Comment

  187. Great app. Wish it worked for Shiira though. And custom forms would be a nice touch, like SecretBook. All and all, it's an indispensible active web-traveler's tool.

    — bosxMacUpdate Comment

  188. Great piece of software. Allows me to use much more secure password since I don't have to remember them. Works faultlessly.

    — COACHOUSE2MacUpdate Comment

  189. Love this application. But be warned, once you use it, you may not be able to live without it. I was forever forgetting and having to lookup login information before I started using 1Password - that's a thing of the past now. When you are as slow as I am on the keyboard, and you visit as many websites as I do, clicking on a single icon is just about as good as it gets!

    — BLUESOFTMacUpdate Comment

  190. Had a problem with my license key - just a few emails - quick communication - problem solved. Thanx very much - love your app - highly recommended. (Sorry for sounding like an ebay feedback).

    — picco1oiUseThis Comment

  191. 1Password e via! (Italian review)

    Navigare su Internet può diventare ogni giorno più difficile, specie se si fa uso di molti siti che richiedono l'accesso a questo o a quella risorsa. Nomi utente e password che nel bene o nel male possono (e dovrebbero) essere sempre diversi, ma che puntualmente sono identici con tutti i rischi di essere facilmente individuabili.

    — Advanced TechnologyBlog Post