1Password for iOS

Put passwords in their place

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1Password dozens of features

From Vault Mode to AutoFill, 1Password 4 is the best secure information manager available.

Web Mode

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Tabbed browsing
Work, play, the whole Internet — there's a tab for that

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Automatically fill out forms and enter personal or work details with a single tap

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Web Mode with full browser
Browse the web right in 1Password with the all-new browser featuring tabs, sharing and printing, and first-ever AutoFill for Logins, Identities, and Credit Cards.

Vault Mode

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Vault Mode
Keep all your personal information safe in 1Password’s new Vault Mode. Multiple Categories help you stay organized, and everything is encrypted and protected by the one password you need to remember.

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Global Search
Type to search everything you keep safe in 1Password

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It's a VIP list for your most-used items

Form Filling

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Go & Fill
Open a site and enter your Login—rarely is a single tap this productive

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Fill shopping carts
Get it faster by automatically filling in your shopping and credit card information

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Fill registration forms
Forms aren't fun, but filling them in with one tap sure is

Sync Your Life

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Dropbox Sync
You live on multiple devices, so can your 1Password Vault. Enable Dropbox sync for easy, over-the-air sync of your Logins, Secure Notes, Identities, Credit Cards, and everything else you store in 1Password.

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iCloud Sync
No signup, no fuss. Effortlessly sync your 1Password life across all your Apple devices with the flip of a single switch.

Action Bar

Strong Password Generator

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One swipe and you can favorite or trash any item in Vault Mode. You can also use Smart Copy for Logins and Credit Cards, and tap to open and AutoFill Logins in Web Mode.

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Don’t become a victim of password reuse, let the Strong Password Generator protect your accounts with long, unique, and unguessable passwords.

Plus all your favorites

Quick Unlock Code
Optionally get to your Vault a little faster

Web Mode with full browser
With tabs and AutoFill, 1Password might just be your 1Browser

Action Bar
Swipe across items for Smart Copy, Go & Fill, and Favorites

Linked Accounts
A Login like a Google Account can AutoFill at multiple URLs

View Attachements
Attach files with 1Password for Mac or PC, view them on iOS

Demo Mode
Show off 1Password without showing off your personal Vault

Quick Tour
Learn the ropes easier than ever before

PC-less sync setup
It's a post-PC world, so start syncing with a single tap

Backup with iTunes
It never hurts to be safe, now it's easier than ever before

Clear Clipboard
Avoid accidentally pasting your password out in the open

Default browser
Other apps can now open links in 1Password

Customizable Items
Let each item be the unique snowflake it was created to be