How do they work?

The Mac and Windows products available on our website come with an unlimited demonstration period so you can "Try Before You Buy".

The application downloaded from our website will remain fully functional for the first 30 days after you install it. After this initial trial period, you will need to purchase a license to continue using without restrictions.

Resend Licenses

If you made a purchase in our online store, you can resend your License and receipt information by using the form below. Simply enter the email address that you used during purchase, and we will send your License right away.

If you purchased 1Password in the Mac App Store or iTunes App Store then you do not need this license. Simply use the same Apple ID you made the original purchase with to download and install 1Password again.

Email Address:

If you cannot remember the email address you used to purchase your order, or that email address is no longer in use, you can contact us to update the email address.

License Terms

These terms are for products purchased from our online store only. If you download or purchase our products from the Mac App Store, iTunes App Store, or Android Marketplace, please refer to their licensing agreements.

Our software is licensed per person per platform. Each user and each platform requires a license.


You alone use 1Password on Mac and Windows
You need a single user license for Mac and a single user license for Windows.
You and your spouse use Knox on the family iMac.
You and your spouse each needs a license. (Family license is the best value!)
You alone use 1Password on your home and work Windows machines
You only need one single user license for 1Password for Windows.
You alone use 1Password on your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
You'll need single user licenses for Mac and for Windows and 1Password 4 for iOS from the iTunes App Store.

Note that Family licenses are valid for up to five family members living in the same household. If you have additional questions about licensing, please contact us.

Immediate Delivery

Licenses are made available to you immediately once your order is completed. Licenses will be delivered by email as well as displayed on the Order Completed page.

The Order Completed page can be bookmarked so be sure to bookmark it just in case your email receipt does not arrive. By adding to your email white-list you can avoid having the receipt email incorrectly identified as spam.

Adding Licenses

You can add your license by clicking a single link in the Receipt Email.

If you prefer, you can add your license by copy and pasting. Select License from the application menu (1Password > License) to enter the license key details.

Upgrade Policy

When you purchase AgileBits software your license will never expire and you can use it on the current version of the licensed application indefinitely. While the license itself will never expire, system updates from Apple could cause certain aspects of some software to stop working. For example, the Safari 5 upgrade stopped 1Password 2 from working correctly and required an updated version of 1Password.

Historically, AgileBits has been very generous with upgrades. Your purchase entitles you to free updates until the next major version upgrade. That means if you buy a license for version 2 of a product, you will get all 2.x releases for free, but upgrading to version 3 might require another purchase.

Please note that this upgrade policy is valid only for software sold and distributed directly by AgileBits. This policy is not applicable to software sold by other distributors, including the Mac App Store, iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.