Our 1Password App Extension for iOS 8 is already supported by over 100 apps, here are nearly 20!

App Extensions in iOS 8 will open a whole new world of Login and form-filling security and convenience. Here's a sneak peek at just some of the apps that already added 1Password support!

1Password 4.1 for Android brings new features and new freemium pricing!

We're trying freemium pricing on Android so everyone can get simple, convenient security!

On the Russian hacking case, your best defense, and an iOS sale!

A Russian hacking team claims to have nabbed billions of Logins and email addresses. Fortunately, defending against these breaches is pretty easy with 1Password.

Up your 1Password-fu with keyboard shortcuts

1Password can save you a *ton* of time by logging you in automatically and even filling out long forms and shopping carts! These keyboard shortcuts will make you a true 1Password master.

1Password 4.1 for Android is coming, we extended the freemium date and have a price!

Our free trial experiment on Android has gone so well, we're extending it for a couple more weeks and can now announce the price to unlock all features!

1Password 4 for Windows is here!

After months of beta testing, a small lake’s worth of coffee, and a possibly illegal number of pizzas, 1Password 4 for Windows is now available.

1Password 4 for Android is here!

Ladies and gentlemen, 1Password 4 has gone green. Well, ok, we haven’t added solar panels (yet), we mean the other green!

On iOS 8, App Extensions, OS X Yosemite, and 1Password

Apple announced so much incredible new stuff for developers at WWDC 2014, our heads are still spinning!

1Password button 4.2: The Greatly Improved Edition is out!

This is such a big update, we're using capital letters for it.

Take Control of 1Password ebook updated for our new Watchtower service

Joe Kissell has updated "Take Control of 1Password," his comprehensive ebook that covers how to get the most out of 1Password, to explain our new Watchtower service and how to fit it into your security regiment.

1Password makes cameo in Silicon Valley

No, we haven't moved our new office. But 1Password did make an appearance in Silicon Valley. The TV show, that is.

1Password in the news, May 11, 2014

News, tips, and other 1Password goodies from around the web, including a 1Password Watchtower mention, 1Password as a "best app for accountants", and a 40-minute video review!

AgileBits' Roustem Karimov to speak this week at NSNorth in Ottawa, Canada

It's been a little while since an AgileBits co-founder or CEO spoke at a conference, so it's great that our own Roustem Karimov is carrying the torch to NSNorth this week!

Now check your Login websites for vulnerabilities right in 1Password for Mac!

We built our new 1Password Watchtower service right into 1Password for Mac! You can now check which websites are vulnerable or need new passwords with a single click!

1Password 4.3 for Mac is out and on Launch Celebration Sale!

This free update packs new keyboard shortcuts, 1Password mini enhancements, USB drive support, and more! Plus, all 1Password editions are on Launch Celebration Sale for 50% off!

1Password 4.5 for iOS is out and on Launch Celebration Sale!

Completely redesigned. Multiple Vaults and Sharing. AirDrop. So much more. This is our biggest free update for iOS ever, and it's 50% off on Launch Celebration Sale in the App Store!

A 1Password explainer, now in video form

Ever wanted a succinct video with a catchy soundtrack to help explain what 1Password is all about to friends, family, and coworkers? Now you got it!

1Password for Mac Tips: How to update your passwords

The 1Password extension now makes it easier than ever to change passwords, right in your browser.

Fifth AgileBits team trip finishes with great 1Password plans but not enough labadoozies

Every year, AgileBits likes to gets its employees out of the home office. Also the new office, as it were. We usually prefer someplace warm, and this year it was both warm and mobile.

‘Take Control of 1Password’ ebook updated for all our big v4.1 Mac features!

Remember how Joe Kissell wrote an entire book about 1Password? Joe didn’t stop there—he’s back with a free update!

Apps that Love 1Password: Turbine Reader, Glassboard, Cisco Meraki

More great apps are making it easy to login with 1Password or open sites in our 1Browser so you can fill forms and checkout with a tap!

Here's to 2013 and a happy and secure 2014!

We got a lot done in the past year, and we can't wait to show you what's coming next!

CNN recommends 1Password!

People are talking more than ever about ways to create better passwords and protect important information. CNN ran a brief segment on the topic today and a guest recommended 1Password—check out the clip!

I think Secret Santa accidentally delivered a 1Password gift meant for you. Yes, you.

It's the first year we did a Secret Santa at AgileBits, which made things interesting. Perhaps a little too interesting.

1Password is a Mac App Store Best of 2013, so let's have a saleabration!

It's only Tuesday, but we think it's safe to say this is already one of our Best Weeks of 2013.

1Password 4 for Mac wins a 2013 Macworld Eddy!

We could hardly believe our Twitter and Facebook followers this morning, but there it is, plain as day: 1Password 4 for Mac won a 2013 Macworld Eddy!

1Password 4.1 for Mac: The little big update

We wanted to get you an early holiday present, so here's our first major v4 Mac update! The biggest new feature is a great new way to update your Login's passwords right from the extension, but there's plenty more packed in. Give the new version a try!

Apps that Love 1Password: Delivery Status touch

A community favorite, Delivery Status touch is a beautiful, feature-packed iPhone and iPad app that managed to make package tracking fun. Now it's even more convenient, thanks to new 1Password support!

Apps that Love 1Password: Money Pilot

Staying on top of your finances is a good idea, and so is managing them in a secure way. That’s why we’re happy to see a brand new iPhone app, Money Pilot from Victor Hudson, join the ranks of Apps that Love 1Password!

1Password tip: How to create, share a vault with family or coworkers (Mac)

One of the best new features in 1Password 4 for Mac is Multiple Vaults. Here's a quick tip on how to create one and share it with family, coworkers, or anyone else you choose.

37signals recommends 1Password in new 'Remote' book

AgileBits has always been a remote company, so it's great to see not just a book about the topic from one of our favorite companies, but also get a mention in it!

1Password 4 for Mac is ready for OS X Mavericks

Apple's latest major OS X upgrade is out, and we're happy to say that 1Password 4 for Mac isn't just ready, we made sure it can ride the OS X Mavericks waves with the best of 'em.

The 1Password 4 for Mac verdict is in

Everyone is writing, tweeting, and otherwise talking about the incredible new 1Password 4 for Mac.

1Password 4 earns Mac App Store Editors' Choice Award

We couldn't have done this without you. Thank you.

Take Control of 1Password, a new ebook by Joe Kissell

The eminent Joe Kissell has brought the incredible Take Control series of ebooks to 1Password 4 for Mac. He offers in-depth guides to get you started with the fundamentals, then walks you through all the great new features to help you get the most out of

1Password 4 for Mac is here

After 96 betas, 20,000 beta testers, and over a year of work, 1Password 4 for Mac is now available in the Mac App Store and the AgileBits Store.

Behind AgileBits: Meet the people who support 1Password and Knox

We’re big on people here at AgileBits, it's why we have human beings answering email nearly around the clock. In fact, I'd love to introduce you to some of our incredible team members who support 1Password and Knox.

Apps that Love 1Password: Orbit for

Our page of Apps that Love 1Password experienced a sudden lack of gravity, as Orbit for is the latest iPhone app to add 1Password support!

How long should my passwords be?

We get this question fairly often, so here is a more lengthy explanation of the topic and our answer.

Expense Tool 2 adds 1Password support to create, enter passcodes

Expense Tool 2 lets you track expenses for hobbies, travel, or whatever you want using receipts, photos, and locations. You can even track collaboratively with a coworker or special someone. This huge update also gained some great 1Password integration!

New iPad productivity book calls 1Password a “Can’t Do Without” app

Scott Grossberg, a partner at CGC Law, released a new book about what the iPad can do for businesses large and small, and he was kind enough to include 1Password as one of his “Can’t Do Without” apps.

1Password 4.2.2 for iOS is out with improvements for iOS 7, 1Browser, and VoiceOver

We released a small update to 1Password for iOS with a handful of improvements for folks running Apple's iOS 7 developer beta, VoiceOver users, and 1Browser, our amazing new built-in browser.

Show some 1Password love with our new t-shirts!

Know what’s cool? T-shirts. Know what’s even cooler? 1Password t-shirts, and now you can get your very own in women's and men's sizes!

We’re opening a Toronto office, need developers and support reps to fill it!

We're hiring and opening our first office ever, right in the heart of Toronto! We need developers for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone—spread the word!

On 1Password, iOS 7, and OS X Mavericks

Apple has announced major new versions are coming for iOS and OS X. While we cannot confirm we are working on things for those major versions, we also cannot deny it either.

1Password for iOS featurecast: Control Your Security

1Password keeps your stuff extremely secure as long as you create a strong Master Password. But if you want to control how 1Password behaves, this featurecast is for you.

Apps that Love 1Password: Crux Web Browser and Downloader

Another iOS browser has added 1Password integration to help you browse the web more securely and log into services faster.

Apps that Love 1Password: iCab Mobile

1Password broke into the mobile browser scene, thanks to a huge update to iCab Mobile! This feature-packed browser for iPhone and iPad now makes it super simple to search 1Password for a login for the current webpage.

1Password 4.2 for iOS gets huge update to browser, sharing features

Big, big changes to the 1Browser, sharing, and search. Dare we say it, this is a must-have update.

The top worst passwords from the Star Trek universe

Don't be like Starfleet - make it much, much harder than this to blow up your ship.