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The best ever 1Password sidekick

  • Filllogins@2x

    Fill Logins

    Automatically sign in with a single click. Save even more time by having 1Password automatically submit logins for you.

  • Fillidentities@2x

    Fill Identities

    One click can automatically fill out long, tedious signup forms or shipping details when shopping online.

  • Fillcreditcards@2x

    Fill Credit Cards

    Let 1Password fill your Credit Card information for you. 1Password will save you so much time, you'll need a new app to track it all.

  • Generatedpasswords@2x

    Generate Strong Passwords

    Let 1Password create and save incredibly strong, unique passwords for every site, app, and service.

  • Autosave@2x


    Save even more-er time by allowing 1Password to automatically save new Logins for you.

  • Manualsave@2x

    Manual Save

    Save more than just Logins. Use Manual Save to save complex web forms.